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01 Sep 2014
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Christmas Belles Audition


Audition dates are Sept. 8 and 9 at 6:30 at ACT (in the big room). Follow the signs.

Looking for 7 female roles and 3 male roles.

Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten
Directed by: Dr. Bridget Owens

A rollicking holiday show, Christmas Belles will be performed from November 7th-23rd.

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23 Aug 2014
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Boeing, Boeing – New Dates, New Cast


Due to unexpected circumstances, we have had a change in a few cast members, as well as our dates, in order to give us time for our new cast members to learn their parts. Below you can see the revised cast list. We appreciate your patience as we make these changes.

There will also not be any online ticket purchasing during this show, but our new amazing online ticket service will be available for our next show.  You can still purchase tickets in person or call our Box Office starting Monday, August 25th!

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28 Jul 2014
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Announcing Boeing, Boeing Cast

We are very excited to announce the final selections for the Boeing, Boeing cast for September’s performance…. Congratulations to those that will be in this performance and special thank you to everyone that tried out. We hope to see you at our next audition! Read more!


Guys On Ice at Area Community Theatre in Tomah, WI

OPENS: February 2014

The Queen of Bingo at Area Community Theatre in Tomah, WI

OPENS: April 2014

Annie the Musical at Area Community Theatre in Tomah, WI

OPENS: July 2014

Boeing Boeing at the Area Community Theatre in Tomah, WI

OPENS: September 2014

Christmas Belles at Area Community Theatre of Tomah, WI

OPENS: November 2014

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  • Tomah is very fortunate to have the opportunity for live theatre.  ACT is a great facility and a terrific place to take my family to experience this wonderful area of the arts.  It’s amazing to me to see all the talent of our local community members.  Long live ACT!

    Wendy A. Wright
    Vice President Mortgage Lending - First Bank

  • To me ACT is a group of individuals who volunteer to provide entertainment for our local community.  ACT provides an opportunity for people of all ages to make new friends and become a part of productions that family, friends and others get to enjoy. ACT provides an avenue for creativity and will not turn anyone away. Even if you want to be involved but do not want to be on stage there are many other ways to help out. ~Cherie M. Lipp Carmichael & Quartemont, S.C.

  • I love ACT because I love the Arts, which are Music, Theatre, & Art. ACT & the Cultural Arts Center offer all of theses. I also love ACT because of the people who are committed to giving their time & talents for this theatre. It's offered an opportunity for me to know people I wouldn't have known otherwise.

    ~Marilyn Kernall

  • I love ACT because it gave me the chance to get back on the stage after a 20 year absence. It even let me share that stage with my son while performing in one of my favorite musicals! Thank you ACT!!

    ~Sam Komay

  • I always loved theatre.  In the theatre I can be or portray  almost anyone!  Imagination is a great thing.  I also love to make people laugh and cry and then laugh again!  It’s also a wonderful place to make new friends and meet old acquaintances.

    ~Steve Jones  

  • Great family entertainment right here in Tomah. My daughter and I haven't been disappointed. She loves it as much as I do and that is a lot for 12 years old!

    ~Mary Moodey

  • ...Everyone is so appreciative and complimentary and recognizes the hard work you put into a production. You do not feel taken for granted at all. All the hours of hard work are recognized by the patrons who attend the shows. It's sooo gratifying! ...Being on that stage is addicting! ACT and it's patrons/ members are like family to ME!! I love being involved and I love volunteering so many hours to ACT because ACT gives back to me what I need. Bridget Owens Owens Chiropractic, Tomah, WI

  • I have been involved with the Area Community Theatre for over twenty-five years. I have enjoyed meeting many new people through ACT and have made many lifetime friends as a result of my involvement. Whether I am acting, directing, selling refreshments, or popping popcorn for our patrons, there is never a dull moment when I am at the theatre. I simply can't imagine my life without being involved with ACT. It has been a very positive experience for me.
    ~Rocky Shutter

  • I love live theater.  Area Community Theatre allows me to see and participate in great shows without having to travel an hour or more. I have attended and helped with ACT shows for more than twenty years.  ACT increases the area’s quality of life.

    ~Barb Sullivan

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