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Board of Directors


Steve Jones –  President

Barb Sullivan – Vice President/Box Office Manager

Rocky Shutter – Secretary

Samantha Komay – Treasurer

Larry Barbibeau –  Board member

Dr. Bridget Owens – Board member

Gary Frei – Board member

Sharon Larkin – Board member

Christine Hennegan – Board member

Colleen Richer – Board member/Facility Manager

Steve Jones – President


I grew up in the Tomah Area, on a farm not far from Wyeville. Because of the farm, I was not able to go out for sports or do other school activities. I had to go home do chores and milk the cows. I guess I needed an outlet, so I was always considered the Class Clown. Ihave always loved to make people laugh, so after my parents sold the farm and moved into town in 1972, I was able to get involved with the high school Musicals. I auditioned for “Hello Dolly”, got the part I wanted, and I guess the rest is history.

After I graduated in 1975, I Went into the US Navy as acorpsman. Spent three and a half years until I got sick with Crohns Disease. The Navy put out TDRL (temporary disable retired list) then after 5 years, they permanently retired me. During that time, between going into the VA Hospitals, I followed my love of Theatre by Starting out at UW-LaCrosse as aTheater Major. I needed more! I had an Aunt and Uncle who lived in the Detroit area, andthey told me about Wayne State, So I had my records transferred,     I moved there in 1981. While I attended Wayne state, I also started to go to Will-O-Way Apprentice Theatre in Bloomfield Hills. It is there I was able to study mime with Marcel Marceau. I learned to Clown around. at a Clowning school, which by the way, paid for a lot of my schooling. I got to meet Carol Burnett who attended Will-O-Way a few years before I attended there, George C. Scott also attended this school.

Well, thru all these classes and some off campus Theatre’s I have worked on and been in over 100 different Plays: acting, doing sound, running lights, doing set construction and learning how to direct. I have done Clowning and I also have done a couple of TV Commercials, but my heart is in the Theatre. I remembered a couple of shows I did while I was in so much pain because of the Crohns, but as the saying goes “The Show Must Go 0n!” well it did, and no one but the cast knew it. Once, I have even left the hospital to do my part in a show, and went back to the hospital after I did the show, I’m gladthat it was a small part!

 I will always be grateful to Fred Wahls. He asked me to help on aPlay “Twelve Angry Jurors”. I went to Ft. McCoy and auditioned at ACT. Since then, I have been in several plays at ACT like; “The Man Who Came to Dinner”, “Escanaba in Love”, “Red Velvet Cake Wars”, and “Leaving Iowa”, I also Directed a Neil Simon play “Fools,” just to name a few. I also got the chance to help on the ACT Board and Direct. So here I am, and I plan to stay with A CT until I go the that grand Theatre in the Sky.

l have to Thank My Lord and Savior For the talent he has given me and the opportunities he’s made available to me. I also want to thank my family and friends who helped me and supported me in all that I do. Thank you and I Love you so much!

Steve (akaBarnabee) Jones

Barb Sullivan with Area Community Theatre in Tomah, WI

Barb Sullivan – Vice President


I grew up in Viroqua. The kids in our neighborhood often created and presented plays for our mothers, followed by cookies and lemonade. In junior high school I joined the drama club and helped with many shows. My first major role was Louisa in “The Sound of Music”. I continued with drama club through high school, culminating with going to state competition in a one-act play, “To Burn a Witch.”

At Viterbo College (now Viterbo University) I majored in music education and English, but continued to perform and work in theater as well. My work study job for three years was in the costume shop with Sr. Marie Leon LaCroix.

Following graduation I taught a year and a half in Ashland, before moving back to LaCrosse. There I became involved in LaCrosse Community Theatre working backstage, and costuming several shows. I continued to take small parts in shows, including the supporting role of Mrs. Mullins in “Carousel”.

I moved to Tomah while completing my Masters Degree in Education Professional Development from U.W. LaCrosse. I worked at Northwest Fabrics in La Crosse and substitute taught in Tomah for several years before being hired at Lemonweir School.

After learning about Area Community Theatre I attended several shows. Soon I was working house crew, and helping with costuming. “Nunsense” audiences at Ft. McCoy saw me helping to run the intermission games as Sr. Mary Joseph.

For more than twenty years I have directed the Queen of the Apostles (formerly St. Mary Immaculate Conception Catholic Church) Cathedral Choir. This lead to helping with the music for Sharon Larkin’s “Remembering Tomah” ACT fundraiser, helping with the church service for Tomah’s Sesquicentennial, and writing and co-directing “The Fabulous Fifties Review” ACT fundraiser.

Teaching kept me pretty busy, so I helped in Rocky Shutter’s house crews until my retirement in 2012. Sharon Larkin talked me into helping with box office, and somehow I found myself helping to run the box office. Sharon and Rocky talked me onto the ACT Board of Directors.

I was last seen onstage as Sr. Berthe in “The Sound of Music”, and I co-directed “The Queen of Bingo”. One of my regular ACT Board duties is the publicity committee with Samantha Komay. I look forward to continuing to promote theater in Tomah as ACT vice-president for the next three years.