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Murder For Hire

Area Community Theatre Murder Mystery Group For Hire

 Murder Mystery Dinner Show tailored to fit your group size.
YOU provide the party location and food—
WE supply the entertainment!

  • Murder Mystery Parties for 12 – 200 guests
  • Professional Actors perform
  • Original plots, Authentic Police crime tools
  • Music, Sound FX, PA used
  • Your Option: Use some of your own actors

If you are planning to turn your event into a mystery party you will be very happy if you book it with Gasoline Alley Murder Mystery for Hire! A Mobile Murder Mystery Crew!

Looking for an exciting Murder Mystery Dinner Theater idea in the Tomah Area or Wisconsin?

Maybe you’re in charge of livening up a team-building corporate entertainment or teambuilding event but hate climbing trees and swatting mosquitoes.

Or you dislike clowns, and have to organize a private party?

Then hiring our Murdery Mystery Group is just the solution to spice up your party or event!

We Make Murder Fun!

Our passion is entertaining; to transform, stimulate, and to engage an audience to the extent that they take a leap of faith and imagination from the beginning and participate in not just the telling of the story, but in the totality of the experience.

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is perfect for any occasion. We are available and willing to travel to the location of your choice. Contact us to find out about corporate events and private parties!

Current Production: Murder In the Manor

Plot Summary:

When the Ward family comes together, it’s murder! Who will be killed? Who will survive? And of course, who did it? Could it be the father whose publishing business hangs on the success of one book? Or perhaps his scheming son? What about his nephew from the wrong side of the tracks? And let’s not forget his daughter whose sanity is more than a little suspect. Could it be his lawyer? The forgetful restaurant owner? Or maybe even …you?

Come to “The Manor” and meet these and others as you become part of the mystery. Enjoy watching as the mystery unfolds all around you. Track the clues, watch the suspects, talk with the family, but watch out, because you might be the next suspect in this interactive murder mystery.


Current Cast for Gasoline Alley Players

Emily Wall
Samantha Komay
Lori Ripley
Shawn Tupper
Gary Kozloski
Emily Scholze
Brent Wagner
Cherie Lipp
Dr. Bridget Owens
Rocky Shutter
Steve Jones
Gary Frei