coming this fall...
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Oct. 6-8, 13-15 -- 7:00pm
Oct. 9 & 16 -- 1:00pm


Willum Cubbert: Brad Lindberg

Tansy McGinnis: Elise Von Haden
Axel Hammond: Jerry Fushianes
Rick Steadman: Joe Davis
Warnock Waldgrave: Greg Mason

Clelia Waldgrave: Lenna Chaffee

Thor Waldgrave: Charlie Hilt

what's happening & what's coming up...
Watch the video & learn about the generous offer from an ACT supporter.  If you would like to give a financial donation to ACT, the donor will match your contribution.
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We recently submitted $30,000 which was earmarked for this fund. ACT is thrilled to announce that our "anonymous donor" provided an additional $30,000 which indicates that a total of $60,000 was deposited in our account!!!

The matching funds campaign continues in 2022. It's not too late to make your contribution. Call the theatre at (608) 374-7469 for more details.  
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Murray's on Main couldn't be happier to be able to present a $1000 check from MOM'S PURSE to the Area Community Theater... the beauty of this donation is that it gets doubled because of the kindness of an anonymous donor who is matching funds donated to ACT!!
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great meeting room to rent....

Gatsby Room

Meeting room upstairs at the Area Community Theatre building.  Check out the video for a virtual tour of the room.


Great location for a meeting, reception or gathering.  Contact us for details on renting the room for your next event.

Tomah Area Community Theatre
Avenue for Creativity....

To me ACT is a group of individuals who volunteer to provide entertainment for our local community. ACT provides an opportunity for people of all ages to make new friends and become a part of productions that family, friends and others get to enjoy.  ACT provides an avenue for creativity and will not turn anyone away.  Even if you want to be involved but do not want to be on stage there are many other ways to help out.

-- Cherie M. Lipp - Carmichael & Quartemont, S.C.