Oct. 4-7 & 11-14, 2019


Marcus Rowan - Jimmy

Richard Klinge - Bill Thompson

Dr. Christine Jacobsen - Aunt Ellen

Anderson Becker - Mr. Oswald

Jordyn Prise - Madge Burns

Austin Vhing - Uncle Dan

Brynn Rowan - Peg Westfield

Alison Prise-Bernette - Mrs. Duvalle-Smythe

Jackie Klinge - Bubbles

Rachel Vonder Ehe - Lady Macbeth

Aimee Malone - McDaniel


Jimmy Took's only living relative is Uncle Dan. Uncle Dan is very wealthy, very generous and very mistaken when he assumes that Jimmy is married. When Jimmy finds  himself in a position where he needs to borrow money, he finds out that Uncle Dan will be  arriving soon to meet the bride. Afraid that Uncle Dan will think he deliberately lied to him, Jimmy frantically tries to find somebody, anybody to be his wife! After several refusals from other candidates, Jimmy's roommate Bill, against his better judgment, gets dressed up as a girl! Laugh tops laugh when the previously unwilling participants arrive, and Jimmy ends up with not one but three wives! The simple but hilarious characters make this play a must-see!