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written by

Michael Wilmont


directed by

Sharon Larkin

Tomah ACT
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This hilarious, tennis-match-like play brings to life the truth that wives often wonder why men do what they do, while their husbands wonder how to get away with doing what they did!

Upon arriving home from a business trip, Betty discovers her husband, Rob, awkwardly “canoodling” an inflatable doll, which is donning one of Betty’s dresses. After Betty assumes the worst, and Rob’s attempt at an explanation only exasperates the situation, Rob ends up “out in the cold”. In dealing with the aftermath of his blunder, Rob resorts to bending the ear of, and sharing a case of beer with, his brother, Greg. Meanwhile, Betty, and Cheryl (Greg’s wife) ponder Betty’s shocking discovery while sharing a tub of ice cream and a glass or two…or three…of wine.

Eventually, Greg and Cheryl are pulled into the chaos and the stakes get even higher as beer, wine, accidental voice mails, a mixed up mess of “he said/she saids” and exposed secrets, tangle the proverbial web, to create a fast-paced and hilarious rumpus! As one husband’s well-intentioned blunder, spins out of control, the audience is kept bouncing back and forth between the men sitting on Rob’s front porch and the women on Cheryl’s, resulting in a side-splitting, fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable theatrical experience!

(Please Note: Contains mild sexual references)

What follows is a hilarious comedy of malebonding, female camaraderie and hidden surprises. Wilmot’s script is funny above all, but also perceptive, pointed, and, on occasion, even insightful.  Help is also needed for set construction, decoration, box office and stage hands.

Presented by special arrangement with Michael G. Wilmont and the Playwrights Guild of Canada.

meet the author

Michael is an actor/writer living in London Ontario. After spending a number of years in broadcasting and as a free-lance comedy writer for Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” monologue and Kevin Nealon on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update”, he turned to playwriting in 2007. Since then his comedies have been presented in London England, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Florida New York City and across Canada. Two of his plays have been top ten finalists for the Reva Shiner Comedy Award (Bloomington, Illinois), “Love Shack” in 2014 and “7-10 Split in 2012.

The one-act version of his comedy Love Shack won the Hamilton Fringe Playwriting contest in 2009. In the London Fringe it garnered comments such as “This play was hilarious”, “Best comedy in the city this year” and “Wilmot’s funny, sexy dialogue zings along.”  The full length version has gone on to productions in Canada and the US and was translated into Russian in the fall of 2014. . Michaels  newest script “The Last Laugh” (comedy 1M, 2F) is now available for production



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Tomah ACT
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