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childrens workshops

we love getting our kids involved!  All children need the arts in their lives.

all about the kids

Each summer, Area Community Theatre offers products geared toward children of all ages. They learn valuable lessons to help build self-expression, self-confidence and concentration skills through theatre games and improvisational exercises.  Basic theatre terminology is taught, as well as the importance behind the Area Community Theatre's history in Tomah and the surrounding communities. 

Area Community Theatre also tries to offer unique summer workshops and activities for the children in the area, to help encourage and enhance stage skills, or simply enhance their imagination. We are always looking for great ideas for these workshops or mini classes.


So if you have any particular children's classes/skill building workshops you would like to recommend for your child or others in the community, or are interested in offering a workshop, please contact the Box Office and leave a message. Your call will be returned.

Tomah ACT
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