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current season

A season full of laughs, cries, musical masterpieces mixed with the talents of our local actors & actresses!
Show Dates:

March 7-8 - 7:00pm

March 9-10 - 1:00pm

March 14-15 - 7:00pm

March 16-17 - 1:00pm


 Barbara Sullivan & Brian Shutter

Jesus: Rich Daniells

John the Baptist/Judas: Brad Lindberg

Jeffrey: Scott Perket

Lamar: Justin Towne

Herb: Will Hicks

Joanne: Amanda Schmock

Peggy: Lynda Palmer

Sonia: Dr. Christine Jacobsen

Glimmer: Rachel von der Ehe

Robin: Libby Berry

shows throughout the past couple years.....

We made somewhat of a comeback after a tough 2020 when we were unable to showcase our great talent with a line-up of plays.  Click on the plays below and enjoy the pictures from these fantastic shows!  We look forward to seeing you at upcoming shows!

Tomah ACT
Tomah ACT
Tomah ACT
Tomah ACT
Tomah ACT

Marrying Walt

Tomah ACT
Tomah ACT
Tomah ACT
Tomah ACT

I love live theater.   Area Community Theatre allows me to see and participate in great shows without having to travel an hour or more. I have attended and helped with ACT shows for more than twenty years.   ACT increases the area’s quality of life. 

-- Barb Sullivan

I love Live Theater....
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