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Tomah ACT

"Let's ACT"


Young Actors Studio

Classes start on Feb. 9th

Registration until February 4th


  • February 9, 16 & 23

  • March 9, 16 & 23

  • April 6, 13, 27

  • May 4, 11 & 18th 

COST:  $10 per class or $100 for entire 12 week series

* Deduct $1.00 per class or $10 for entire series for each student from the same family

Teacher and Helper -- work for the entire 12 week series receive $25 off student tuition. 


Questions or Information  -- call Steve Jones at 608-548-7255 and leave a message.  He will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Each student will work with others in their class.  In class we learn basic Theatre, play games to help learn what is taught that day, learn how to listen and observe what is going on around us through games and fun times we will have.
Each student will:
  • do 2 Monologues
  • be involved in at least 1 Skit
  • be involved in a Play -- rehearsals for the play will be 1 hour on Saturdays, after class starting in March
Monologues, skits and the play are short ones.  We will have 1 or 2 plays that the children can choose to do.  Any student wanting or needing help for classes or play, just need to ask for help.  We will also have some parents to help backstage as well and sometimes with the class.
Tomah ACT

Using your Imagination

GRADES 2-5    

9:00am - 10:30am -- 8-15 students per class

Using your very own imagination, voice and body learn how to tell or make up a story.  Learn more about your imagination by using it, playing games, doing a skit or play.  You also get to act out one of your fairy tales with your classmates and new friends.  

Tomah ACT

What is Acting?

GRADES 5-8  

12:30pm - 100 minute class -- 10-18 students per class 

This class focuses on beginning acting skills, how to project your voice, learning to convey your emotions and learning basic stage direction through lessons, games and skits.  You will also be able to show of some of your skills doing a skit, monologue (or even a short play or two) for your family & friends!

Tomah ACT

To The Stage


Each Student will have a chance to audition for the summer play on May 28th -- "WILLIE WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY JR"

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